Take Care of Yourself First

Friday, July 28, 2017

The School of Life Experiences has a hell of a curriculum. You learn so much stuff. Life skills are enhanced. Self-discovery is unlimited.
Recently, I learned a valuable lesson: Take care of yourself first. For some people, this lesson is second nature. Yet, for me, I recently learned how important it is to take care of you first.


I have been guilty of sacrificing my needs, desires, and wants to accommodate others. I am a giver and enjoy seeing others happy, but when I focus on happiness of others, I neglect myself and my own happiness. This sacrifice of happiness can leave you feeling empty and craving more. This craving can be satisfied of you focus more on what you want and not just what other people what.


Simple steps can be taken to take care of yourself first. Self-care is the best way in my opinion. At one point, I stopped getting pedicures and manicures because I felt like I was taking away from the household. I felt guilty that the money I was spending on myself could be used to provide for my family. The logic makes sense, but this step was a pleasure of mine that was therapeutic and provided me with a boost in my self confidence. Therefore, I wasn't taking care of myself first. In essence, I was punishing myself.


I believe strongly now in taking care of yourself first. When I'm taken care of, I'm a better friend, lover, and etc. Taking care of me first allows me to set an example for my children of how important being responsible to yourself is great for your mental and physical health. I'm truly happy now because I feel good. I feel good because I'm putting myself first. Not in a narcissistic way, but in a healthy way that promotes my well-being.
How are you taking strides to put yourself first? Is this a struggle for you?

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