Life Experiences

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I think that it is easy to be consumed with the consequences of life experiences, so much that we allow those experiences to transform us in negative ways. At some point in life, everyone experiences heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal, and etc. However, your reactions to these experiences should uplift you and push you forward instead of beat you down and torment you.

I have been guilty of replaying situations in my mind. I would try to analyze what I could have done and should have done. Unfortunately, replaying certain situations in my mind did not bring me any peace. I experienced everything but peace. My joy was stolen. My time was spent on an unproductive activity.

Now, I let life experiences go. I look for the lesson to be learned. However, I do not dwell on them. I do not let them steal my joy. I keep it moving because I focus on what's next for me.

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