Trips to Plan

Sunday, June 11, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you can discover that I love to travel. I enjoy traveling and seeing new things and people. Even when I visit places that I've already visited, I discover new places to eat and visit. Lately, I've been thinking of places that I want to visit for vacation purposes and not just work. In my bullet  journal, I complied a list of places that I would love to visit for pleasure. 

Since I have taken project management training from Kepner Tregoe, I think of project management plans for everything. So for each trip on my list, I have developed a plan for execution. 

I dream of one day not only visiting Paris, but I dream of living there. In my mind, I want to visit the libraries, buy perfumes, sip lattes, and write masterpieces that are stowed away in my mind. I love anything with Paris on it. 

I want to take a cruise with my youngest sister. The destination is going to be the Bahamas. I cannot go on a crusade until I drop about 30 pounds. I have to be able to wear a swimsuit and not be self-conscious. The weight from having my last child seems content on remaining. It's much harder for me to lose weight. I do not want to take a long cruise. I just want to experience it. 

I wanted to go to Washington, D. C. while Obama was President. I have been several times, but I want to experience  the brunches and night life. The new museums and the new monuments are of particular interest. I have always been intrigued by politics and law. Maybe one day, I can live in D. C. 

I have been to Las Vegas, but I went for to a conference. I would love to go for a shopping expedition. The shops surrounding the casinos are amazing. I would like to explore the tattoo shops, too. I want a tattoo with my grandmother's name and a cross. 

South Africa is one of the places that has always been on my bucket list. I would like to visit it within the next five years. The culture, the history, and so much more intrigues me. I want to step on African soil once in my life. I hope to fulfill this dream. 

New York City is the "it" place. I would like to go and celebrate New Year's Eve on year in NYC. I think that the hustle and bustle of the area is too much for this Southern Country girl, but I can visit and leave. 

What places do you foresee yourself visiting? What's on your bucket list? 

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