Being Happy: Five Things That Make Me Happy

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Being aware of what makes you happy is important to existing in a world that bustles which so much tragedy and sadness. Everyone loves to do certain things or be around certain people when they are sad. These five things give me life and provide me with happiness.
Reading a Book – Every since I was a little girl, I enjoyed reading books. The public library knew me and my family. Regardless if the book is fiction or nonfiction, I enjoy escaping my reality by focusing specifically on the text in front of me. When I was recently stuck in the airport in Charlotte, I enjoyed the necessary escape from the chaos. Rocking in the white rocking chair with my legs propped up, I was so happy at that moment.
Being with Family – Spending time with my immediate family brings me so much joy. The hugs from my nephews warm my soul. I can just be myself. I don't have to fake likes and dislikes. I can just lounge in t-shirts and no makeup.
Visiting a Coffee Shop – Coffee shops make me want to be productive. If I need to remove myself to accomplish something, I head straight for a coffee shop. Being surrounded by people, who appear to be so focus on accomplishing things, silently motivates me to do the same.
Being Near Water – Riding to the reservoir and just sitting on a blanket next to the water makes me so happy. It's peaceful. It's serene. It makes me appreciate what God has created. I can take pictures of everything and feel like a skilled photographer.
Writing in Journal – Journaling is the best therapy. I can say what I think and feel without exposing to other people. Writing brings clarity and calms my mind. Writing makes me believe that everything will be okay.

What makes you happy 😊

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