One Word: Resilient

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

At the beginning of the year, I noticed that many of my Instagram followers chose specific words to define their year and their journey for 2017.  Now as I reflect on what has unfolded in less than a month, I decided to choose a word that could define my entire life.

My life can be described by the word, resilient. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, resilient means to tend to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

My life has recently experienced a dramatic change that blindsided me, but it was strategically planned by others. Regardless of how it came about, I had to take action to protect my children and myself. Quite frankly, I am continually adjusting and protecting my children.

I have no regrets. Being resilient doesn't allow much time to wallow in regrets. I could play the victim and spill out all the bad things that have happened to me in the recent weeks. However, I will not.  I could replay the things that have been said about me and to me, but I won't.  All I can do is be resilient and strive to live my best life.

Having faith and a strong support system like I do, I know that everything lasts for only a season. I mean the creation of this blog stemmed from a trying time in my life in 2011. I made it through that, and I will make it through this situation, too. I am so glad that my parents taught me how to be able to take care of myself and not become too overwhelmed by the misfortune that you cannot act logically. With four children, you cannot survive if you do not focus on recovering and adjusting.  My children need me.  I need to be strong for them.

Thinking back, I have stories for days of how I have been resilient in certain situations.  At times, I have felt like I was deep in the bowels of Hell. Yet, I ended up transforming my life and moving on to better things. I keep reminding myself that there is always a blessing in the storm. Once the storm is over, I know I will be able to realize that the temporary setback occurred to prepared me for a wonderful comeback.

So, as I listen to the IV drip to rehydrate my one-year-old son, the word, resilient, reminds me that I am going to be okay.  Things are going to be okay.  I am sitting in this hospital room with hope.  I reflect on how I can teach my children the importance and necessity of being resilient, despite what happens to you.  Hearing the cries and screams of the other children in the nearby patient rooms, I am blessed.  My baby could be in dire pain. Yet, he is sleeping and not coughing as bad as he was. He could have been diagnosed with cancer. Yet, he was diagnosed with something that requires only oxygen, antibiotics, and an IV.

I pray that I have demonstrated to my older children that regardless of who hurts you, what people say about you, and how bad you are treated, you can still be the best version of yourself and continue to live happily. Miserable people have a hard time being resilient.

For those who took the time to read this post, my advice to you is that no matter what you are currently experiencing, just know that it could always be worse. Everything does happen for a reason.  No matter how much I hate to hear this statement when I am going through a hard time, after recovery, I am able to recognize that reason and grow.

Say a prayer for me and my four children.  What we are currently experiencing is not fair and cruel. However, this too will pass.

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  1. Love you and each of your babies! This post is so true and fitting for you .. all my life, I've always seen you rise above and overcome whatever challenge you've encountered. The same will pursue for whatever you are and/or have already battled. Blessings!