Life After Divorce: Reflecting On God's Favor

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Do you understand God’s favor?As I think back to my past, so many things in my life have occurred ONLY because of God’s favor. I remember an incident when I was living in Ridgeland.  I was dreaming that someone was banging loudly on my front door.  The banging on my door seemed to get louder and louder. I woke up to the sound of continuous loud banging on my front door.  I remember thinking to myself that the banging sounded the police on movies that I've watched.  For a moment,  I even thought that maybe it could have been my neighbor. I figured that  I would just check on her later to see what she wanted.

Unfortunately, the sound did not cease.  It felt like my apartment was shaking.  I screamed, “I am coming. Who is it?” Then, I heard a man say, “Ridgeland Police.” I started thinking “WTH.” I saw my neighbor in his police uniform.  He explained that a man had been banging on my door for the longest.  This man told my neighbor, the policeman, that he stayed in my apartment.  Once again, "WTH!" O_o.   I only caught a glimpse of the man, who claimed that he lived with me, as he cut the corner. He was fast, so I never was able to see his face. As he was leaving, he kept saying that he didn't know me.  I was so confused.  I remember closing the door and just feeling overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions.

Now, here is where God’s favor comes into play.  What if I had awakened immediately as the unknown man was beating on my door? This strange man could have bombarded me and entered into my apartment.  God’s favor AND grace helped me to stay sleep long enough for the man to draw attention to himself, and for my neighbor to get involved.  The unlimited possibilities of how bad this event could have ended for me is jaw-dropping.

Sometimes, I wonder why crazy things like this happen to me.  I still remember the night a man walked into my apartment after midnight, while I was high off of Starbucks and studying. I forgot to lock my door after returning home from class. When my door opened, and a man walked in, I screamed. Immediately, he closed the door. I jumped up and opened the door. DUMMY.  Looking outside, I noticed that he was nowhere in sight. Even when Ridgeland Police arrived, there was no one around.  Thank God for HIS GRACE AND FAVOR.

These are just two instances of God's favor that protected me and prolonged my life.  God's favor provides opportunities that were meant only for you.  God's favor can protect you from incidents that could have dire results.

When you re-evaluate things, what events remind you of God's favor and grace? Share a time when your experience can be attributed to God's favor.

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