Life After Divorce: Gwynnie Bee Subscription Box

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Even though the baby is now a year old, I have not lost all of the weight that I gained during my pregnancy.  I mean I did reach 300 plus pounds.  Since my body is between plus size and regular size, shopping is often a daunting experience.  I hate to find something that I like, but it is either too big, too small, too tight, or too loose.  Sometimes, I just want to throw the clothes at those horrible mirrors.

Since I have a two-hour commute, individual stores that I like to shop are already closed.  This commute often does not allow me the opportunity to shop as frequently as I would like. Perhaps, this is a good thing.  I mean my bank account thinks so.

Knowing the importance of managing my time, I decided to research what my shopping options were.  I knew there were subscription boxes for almost everything. For instance, I am still waiting to join CurlBox. Every time I try to get a subscription to CurlBox, I miss out.  It's always sold out. I have set reminders on my phone to get a subscription. Yet, each time, the box has been sold out.

I found Gwynnie Bee and instantly started getting excited. What is Gwynnie Bee? Here is the short version.  Gwynnie Bee is a unique subscription service, which connects a busy career woman, like me and probably you, too, with beautiful clothing. What attracted me to the service is that it caters directly to women who are sizes 10 - 32.  Plus, they have brands that I love, like Vince Camuto. The entire concept of Gwynnie Bee is quite simple, which I also like.  No need to complicate things. I decided to give the Gwynnie Bee a chance. Since the first month is free, I knew that I did not have anything to lose. Right? Plus, we all are suckers for free trials.  I know you are, even if you do not want to admit it.

Based on the same principal as Bag Borrow Steal, which I have also used in the past, Gwynnie Bee  allows you to rent your wardrobe.  To begin, you choose the looks and prioritize them.  They ship two of the looks immediately. The package by USPS priority mail.  When you are done, you return them.  If you decide that you like the look, you can purchase it. The possible convenience that it provides is great.  I am always game for finding more time to get important things done. I hope my relationship with Gwynnie Bee works out. We could have a good thing going. Don't you think so?

I signed up for Gwynnie Bee on Friday, September 30, 2016.  Today, I received a pleasant surprise. My outfits were neatly packed in a box waiting for me.  I am super excited about work tomorrow so that I can show off my new duds.  Want to know how the outfits look? I will be posting pictures on my Instagram account. Stay tuned.

How do you think they will look? Have you tried Gwynnie Bee?  What are your thoughts about monthly subscriptions? Are you judging me for being lazy?  I want to know your thoughts.  Let's talk.

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