Never Give Up

Friday, July 15, 2016

After 10 years of being an educator, I have transitioned to a new career out of the classroom.  Being able to work how I want and at the pace that I want, while still accomplishing my assigned tasks felt like I was in heaven.

On LinkedIn alone, I submitted over 400 applications (475 to be exact). This number does not include the amount of cover letters and applications sent via email and websites.  Opening my email started to be a daunting task because some days it was filled with rejection letters.   However, I never gave up.  Each day, I submitted applications and resumes.  Even when I would receive a rejection letter within three minutes after I submitted my resume, which indicates the person did not even read my email, I was only temporarily discouraged.  I kept pushing forward.

Whatever your heart desires, you can achieve it.  Never give up even when you get discouraged.  There were many times when I felt so discouraged.  I even questioned my credentials, but I started to believe that what is for me is for me.  I prayed hard and long.  My prayer journal was full.  My scripture journal was full.  I held onto the belief that one day I would get the right job.

Eventually, my determination and faith finally paid off. After randomly applying for a job, I received a call for an interview the next day.  Two interviews later, I signed an offer. In less than a week, I started working.  I am so happy today.  Working in my degree field has always been a goal.  I am so thankful that I marked this goal off my list

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