Looking Up

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Image by Cassandra Hawkins Wilder
Have you ever just taken a moment and looked up?

Yesterday, I looked up through the sunroof of my car, and I snapped an image of the sky.   Despite the temperature being over 100 degrees, the sky was painted a beautiful blue.  The fluffy white clouds slowly glided past without saying a word.  The pure beauty of the heavens was so unbelievable.

Once I returned home, I decided to look up in my bedroom above my bed.  Then, I noticed that my ceiling fan was wearing a disguise: DUST.  My ceiling fan was disgusting.  We were breathing in so much dust.  I immediately jumped out of bed and started to clean the ceiling fan, the dust on the walls, and the dust on the entertainment system.  How had I missed all this dust?

Right now, I want you to look up.  What do you see? Do you see the sky? Do you see the ceiling? What is above you?

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