Life After Divorce: The One Dating Mistake That Everyone Makes

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Thinking back to before I met my husband, I made one dating mistake over and over and over again.
Trying to convince someone that you are good enough for them.
This mistake is made by so many people when it comes to dating. I am guilty of this one.  Instead of focusing on finding someone, who aligns with what I wanted out of life and desired me, I wasted precious time trying to convince a potential partner how great I was.  Once I checked myself, I avoided making this mistake.  Dating should be fun and a process of getting to know someone.  Dating should not be a draining task that requires one person convincing another person of their self-worth.  When someone is dating, especially a man, once he has determined where he sees the relationship/friendship is going, no convincing him will work to change your status.  If he sees you as a friend with benefits, no matter what you do, you will remain a friend with benefits.

Build your confidence.  Know that someone wants what you have to offer.   Focus on being the best you.  The right person will not require any convincing.

Are you making this mistake? Share your thoughts.

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