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Monday, July 18, 2016

Do you ever just sit down and reflect on your day?  In my bullet journal, I note each day the thing(s) that I am grateful in my life.  With all of the tragedy going on daily, I am making a note to look at the good things around me.  So, here is my list of the top four good things that happened to me today.

My job requires me to travel.

Today was the second day on my new job.  Day two involved me traveling for work.  When my alarm buzzed on both my iPhone and Apple Watch at 4:30 a. m. I was super excited. One of my goals has been to be able to travel to different locations and meet different people.  This job includes this goal.  Next month, I travel both locally and nationally.  Being able to travel was a splendid thing for me today.

I learn from my boss.

When I was invited to interview for the position, I immediately researched my boss.  Once I finished reading through the credentials, I was impressed.  The past two days I have learned valuable life lessons, as well as how to improve my career.  I do not think my boss understands how blessed I feel knowing that I am learning so much just from our discussions.

My husband supports my new career.

Returning from our trip this weekend, my husband explained to me how he felt about my ability to perform in my new career.  For the past year, I have been at home with my children.  Instead of him discouraging me, he encouraged me to apply, interview, and accept this particular position.  Knowing that he is in my corner is such a good thing.  My working has forced us to adjust plans and schedules, but he did not complain.  We worked together to develop a solution.  

I have supportive friends.

Friends submitted letters of recommendations.  Friends prayed for me to get the job.  Friends shared in my excitement.  Due to the urgency of my new position, childcare had to be tackled.  On Friday, my friends stepped in with no notice.  They adjusted their schedules for me with no problem and kept my children.  Today, the babysitter that I hired did not show up due to a medical emergency; they helped us again.  I am honored to call them friends.  They have been to my rescue since 2008.  They are family. 

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