Life after Divorce: 3 Things I Regret Not Doing in College

Sunday, July 03, 2016

3 Things I Regret Not Doing in College

Sitting in the pool, I started thinking about things that I regret not doing in college. I do not dwell on regrets, but being in the pool, I realized there are several things that I should have done, but I failed to do. Three things that I regret not doing in college include learning how to swim, traveling, and making intimate friendships.


I never learned how to swim even though I knew people, who wanted to help me learn during college. Also, I had the opportunity to learn by taking the course. Still, I did not learn.  I was more concerned with looking great in my swimsuit I should have been more focused on learning how to swim, especially since there were so many volunteers to help me.  While lounging in the swimming pool, I decided to add swimming to my bucket list.  


During my undergraduate years,  I  did not travel much.   Subsequently, I worked two to three jobs, took 19 or 21 hours each semester, and took care of my son, while chasing after my now ex-husband.  I missed out on weekend road trips, summer trips, and abroad trips.  Instead of trying to stop my ex-husband from being a douche bag, I should have been applying for my passport and enjoying college. After my freshman year, traveling was limited.  This year, I plan to apply for a passport and plan a cruise.  I am excited when I can mark off another state on my map in my bullet journal. I know I would have more states marked off if I had traveled during undergrad.  


Establishing intimate friendships during college is something I regret not doing. I worked so much that often I just went to classes on campus, my apartment, and my job.  I have plenty of classmates and acquaintances from college.  However,  I did not cultivate any intimate friendships during undergraduate. 

I am hoping to share with my children the importance of experiencing life during your college years.  Even though I am determined to live my life to the fullest, I can never get back the time during my undergraduate years.  College is such a great time to experience life.  

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