Life after Divorce: 2 Things I Wished I Never Knew

Friday, July 01, 2016

Have you heard the quote:
Knowing is half the battle.
Is knowing really worth it?

Being aware of certain things often interferes with the enjoyment of things that follow it.  Today, I thought of how different my life would be if I did not know certain things.  Thinking of things that I could do without knowing, I compiled a list of my top two.

Being Mistreated in a Relationship

Spoon of Knowledge
Experiencing any type of violation or mistreatment in a relationship initiates an expectation of harm in succeeding relationships.  Any situation that may mimic one from the past triggers a response to prevent abuse.  Often, the premature assumption leads to unnecessary response(s).  I wish that I did not know how it felt to be mistreated because I might jump to unrealistic conclusions.  I feel the need to stop the mistreatment or hinder a situation from transforming into mistreatment.  

Experiencing Infidelity in a Relationship

Honestly, I believe that no one should experience infidelity in a relationship.  If you are not happy with someone, and you cannot seem to arrive at a mutual conclusion, you should allow yourself and the other person to go experience life with someone else.  Sounds so simple, but the reality is that instead of leaving someone, people add others to the equation to fulfill their needs.  Once you experience infidelity, it nags at you in following relationships.  The goal becomes to identify any type of behavior that may prelude to infidelity.  Once again, this experience can trigger false assumptions in a relationship.  Not knowing what it feels like being cheated on id definitely something that I wished I did not know how it felt.

No matter how hard we try to let go of the past, it seems like it is nagging at our heels often.  What are some things that you wish you did not know?

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