Life After Divorce: Ten Places I Want to Visit

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I haven't traveled much since being pregnant and having my youngest son.  However, I recently traveled with my oldest son.  We went on a road trip with his gifted class.  We visited Lambert's restaurant in Missouri, Chicago and Springfield, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri.  This mini road trip sparked a new craving for me.  I need to travel more again.

While being a professor,  I would choose conferences in places that I haven't been, so that I would be able to not only be working but have the pleasure of traveling, as well. I enjoyed being able to travel to unfamiliar places and share a connection with other scholars.

Subsequently, I wanted to be a flight attendant in my younger days because I loved the idea of being paid to travel all over the world.  Flight attendants have the best job. However, I do not think I would like to be from my family extended periods of time.

While trying to take a mental break from working an important qualitative study, I decided to write and doodle in my bullet journal.  In my bullet journal, I created a comprehensive list of the ten places that I want to visit.  For now, I want to travel to the following places:
  1. Paris
  2. New York City
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Miami
  5. London
  6. Yellowstone
  7. Bahamas
  8. Jamaica
  9. Cancun
  10. South Africa
Traveling is one of the many things that I love to do.  I am looking forward to planning these trips in the near future.

Do you like to travel?  Where do you want to go? Share you list of places to visit.

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