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Monday, April 18, 2016

In 2011,  I wrote a blog post about my personal mission statement.
This blog post was inspired by Stephen Covey's book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
Being a member of the "Planner World," I became interested in having a personal mission statement because my daily planner was the Franklin Covey Leadership Edition.  At the time of the blog post, my life was beginning to change, which is evident in my personal mission statement from 2011.

My personal mission statement:

I'm on a life journey to enjoy everything that happens to me and everything I do. I believe that every action I take and every thought I have is directed by my values and integrity. I desire to educate and inspire all those who know me to achieve self-actualization, to live out their life's purpose, and to dwell in the love of God with no regrets.
Thinking about the application of this personal mission statement to my current situtation,  I am considering if it is still applicable.  I still teach, but I am not teaching full-time, as I was when I wrote this statement.  I am an adjunct English Instructor for a four-year university and an ESL Instructor for students, who are interested in learning English as a second language.  My primary occupations are being a wife and mother, which I thoroughly enjoy.  I do believe that my actions are still directed by my values and integrity.  Yet, I wonder if my values have changed.  With some many things occuring in current events and politics that revolve around gender and racial discrimination, I cringe at the happenings.  My thought-process has definitely changed.  After thinking about my previous personal mission statement,  I decided that it is time for me to reevaluate my life's direction with a new one.
My personal mission statement:
I will find happiness in everything that I do, while living a God-Centered life.  I envision myself becoming a person, who is dedicated, committed, and balanced.
I think that this personal mission statement is very befitting of my life.  What is your personal mission statement? How is your personal mission statement shaping your thoughts and your desires? If you have not written a personal mission statement, why?  What do you use to guide your life, since you do not have a personal mission statement?

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