A New Hobby: Genealogy

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Earnest Kerr was my great-grandfather.  He was the father of father's mother.
I recently started researching my family history.  I have found some really amazing things.  I have discovered family all the way to slavery from both my maternal and paternal family.

After a great trip to visit my parents,  I visited the cemetery of the church that I grew up attending and was baptized at.  This cemetery has my father's family buried there.  I remembered where everyone was buried and who they were.  I even remembered graves that were not marked.  My dad always share insight about his family and their past.

My grandmother was of interest to the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission.  They had her address AND tag number.  I am so glad harm was not done to her.    I am still stuck on her father's side, but I have found my grandmother's parents and grandparents on both sides.

I am just beginning with the research, but I have discovered so many facts.  I even have an idea of what I will do with the research.  Volunteering at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History sparked this interest, and I am glad.  To have so much information at my fingertips just make me tingle all over.

Have you completed any research on your family? What have you discovered?

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