INCOWRIMO 2016 - International Correspondence Writing Month

Monday, February 01, 2016

Today is February 1, 2016, and I am participating in the International Correspondence Writing Month.  The premise of International Correspondence Writing Month was inspired by NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month - which I have been involved in for years) is quite simple.  You write a letter, a card, a note, or postcard by hand.  Then, you deliver or mail it.  Repeat this for every day of the month.  This year, February is a leap year, so I get to send 29 letters.  I plan on being creative.  I will not only mail letters, but I will leave random letters in different places, like Starbucks or my children's teachers.

I have a pen pal that I have been writing for a few months, but now, I get to write several letters over the month to a  variety of people.  I have a new pen pal for this month, too.  I am excited.  Will you join me? Do you want a letter or card from me?  Just let me know.

I will be monitoring my progress in my bullet journal to follow what I send and letters that  I receive. My bullet journal is very helpful.  I may post about the pages within it.

Happy Writing!

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