Nine Months of Marriage

Friday, October 16, 2015

Thinking that I will start back blogging on a regular basis, I think it is quite fitting to start my new journey of blogging by documenting nine months of marriage.  On October 28, I will have been married for nine months.

So much has happened since January 28.

  • I discovered that I was pregnant with our sixth child.  
  • I was robbed in Jackson.  The thief destroyed the window in my Infiniti Q50. I chased the thief in heels, even though I was three months pregnant.  (DUMB)
  • I was hospitalized almost every month until the birth of the baby. I almost bled to death due to a misdiagnosis. 
  • I was forced to not work for two months without pay.  He paid my bills and his (which included double everything) without complaining ONCE.
  • I learned that friendships were not completely genuine.(No worries because he is my best friend.) 
  • I gained a great deal of weight. I topped the scales at 300 pounds.  He still told me that I was beautiful. 
  • I was told that I was a failure as a PhD student.  I transferred to another school to finish my PhD.  
  • I officially moved in with my husband once my lease ended in August. 
  • I experienced my first C-section.
Throughout all of this and more, my husband has been by my side.  I have never before experienced such unconditional love from someone, who was not a blood-relative.  He has stayed up with me when I couldn't sleep due to pain from being pregnant. He stated how proud he was of me with my desire to finish my PhD. He purchased me technology to assist me with my success. He has bathe me when I couldn't bathe myself.  He has surprised me with Cowboys gear, even though he can't stand that team. The list can go on and on.  His deeds make me want to do for him like he does for me.  Reciprocity is so real. I have always wanted to do experience that. 

What have I learned about being married for nine months:
  1. Knowing that your spouse is your best friend makes life easier.
  2. Living on one pay check can happen with the right communication and joint effort.
  3. Marrying someone, who will be there for you no matter what, makes the difference in how you experience the ups and downs of life.
  4. Being able to talk honestly about whatever is on your mind without worrying about judgment is  refreshing.
  5. Having fun with your spouse makes marriage better.  He hustled me with a bowling game on his birthday. 
  6. Sharing parenting responsibilities can really occur. He takes the crew to school in the morning. Even though he works 12 plus hours, he still pulls night duty with the newborn.
  7. Getting along with the in-laws can happen.  My in-laws are my family. My father-in-law and  mother-in-law are just as thoughtful as my own parents.  My parents are his family, too. He has spent the night without me.  (Yeah, I am still salty about that one. :P) I have never experienced this before.
  8. Being a step-parent can be rewarding. Having all of our children together this summer was amazing.  
When I asked him what insights he had gained over the nine months. He shared this:
It is a wonderful thing to say that I am able to say my wife is also my best friend... Although it has only been 9 months, it feels like forever.
With nine months down, I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him. I am so thankful that God sent him my way.  I had given up on love. Never give up on love.
Divorce is not the end of the world. It is just the beginning. :)

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