Saturday, October 17, 2015

Writing was once a thing that I did every day. I collect journals, and I would create a goal to finish. Somehow, I've bought two journals, and they remain empty. 

Distractions are so prominent. One of my distractions is Netflix. Netflix can paralyze you for hours. Movie after movie after movie after movie. It doesn't help when you can't find the controller quickly enough, and you watch the suggested movie.

 I'm looking forward to November 1, which begins the National Novel Writing Month. I have never finished a novel during this time. I have always started, but this year I plan on finishing one.

So many distractions exist nowadays. The Internet continuely provides options not to write. I want to write and write and write. I want to say no to distractions. 

What are your distractions? What do you find to do instead of what you need to do?

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