Sunday, October 18, 2015

My new hobby is couponing. I must say that I am addicted to it. As you can see from my pictures, I have started a stockpile for my stash. 

My favorite store to shop with coupons is CVS. The CVS in Brandon has really nice employees. They aren't rude to me. They help me when I have questions. Trust me this is good. People can be really rude when you are trying to save YOUR money. I had a bad experience at Walgreens. I won't be going back there. 

Today, I went to get the Sunday paper to get coupons for my binder. (Yes, I have a binder. It's very organized. I'm obsessed. Don't judge me).  
I was soo upset that there were no inserts in the paper. 

Frustrated, I made up for it by adding to my stockpile. I saved over $100 today. I only spent about $35.  So, I was feeling much better about it. 

Joe went to another store to get papers. The coupons were missing. This week the coupon insets should have totaled about $69. So apparently, someone took it upon themselves to take the inserts out of the newspapers. This fact made me angry again. People can be so trifling. 

Thanks to a Facebook group I am able to get my coupons. So all is well in the world. I've only been couponing again for three weeks. I am definitely hooked. I've printed off some coupons today to make up for not being able to get them. 

What's your hobby? Are you obsessed? 

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