Ridgeland Police Department

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Dear Black Ridgeland Police Officer, patrolling County Line Road,

My youngest child, who was strapped securely in his seatbelt, waved at you because he wants to be a police officer to protect and serve. Rolling down your window to ask me if he is strapped in, even though you could see that he was strapped in, not only upset him, but you caused my son to cry. He was afraid that he was going to get me a ticket. Your interruption of family time, which included kids and I singing one of our favorite songs, was a failed attempt to killing our vibe. Thanks to you I had to have a heart to heart with my son. Hopefully, when my son is a police officer, he will not use his occupation to intimidate little black boys, who want to be just like you. Too bad I couldn't see your patrol car number and or badge. That type of unwarranted police intimidation of a six year old is sad. I can only imagine what you do to adults. 


A dissatisfied parent of a black male who wants to be someone someday. 

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