Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yesterday, I went to another funeral. This one sparked something in me. Ironically, this funeral touched me, and it left me thinking about my life. 

Since my divorce, I have been through so much. Nearly dying twice within three months, being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, maneuvering through the dysfunctional and chaotic world of dating, raising three school-aged children, and participating in a doctoral program are only a few things I've dealt with during the past three years. 

Consequently, I began to examine my current place in life. Despite my best effort to suffer in silence, I have established a support system like none other. I am not alone. Friends and family, who are hundreds of miles away, are just as supportive as friends and family, who are near. 

Life has a strange way of  making you aware. I'm just glad that I'm able to appreciate all that have contributed to my livelihood in some way. I'm forever grateful! 

Take a minute and reflect about your own life. Examine your heart. How do you currently feel about your life? 

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