Life after Divorce: Top 5 Stupid (But Not Really) Dating Revelations

Monday, April 21, 2014

  1. Using a phone call to plan, confirm, or cancel dates is so 1960s.  Communication for dating occurs either via text, social media websites, or social media apps.  With the evolution of emoji and emoticon images, impersonal interactions continue to escalate and be the main form of communication when dating.  Misinterpretation of the communication is not the sender's responsibility.  The interpretation depends on the receiver and his/her current mood, past experiences, or current mental status.  
  2. Being in control dictates, which person has the power in the relationship.  The person, who has the most control, is the one, who makes a point to like or care the least.  If you are the one, who cares the most, you are a sucker.  Therefore, you have no control.  Who wants to date and have no control?
  3. The read receipt is your friend.  In 2014, no one cause use the excuse that they did not received your text. Well, they could not receive it, if you have been added to the "blocked contact" on their iPhone.  Phones are sending messages at record speeds. Your message was delivered and probably read, before it was deleted. However, the receiver decided that your message did not require a response. 
  4. "Kicking it" is a familiar term that you will hear all the time. It means that you are not in a committed relationship, even though you may be kicking it for a long time (years) and/or doing "relationship-like" things.  Therefore, if someone else comes into the picture, you are not in a relationship. No one can scream infidelity because you guys are just "kicking it."
  5. Directly sharing your feelings with the person that you are dating is so last year.  To discover how the person you are dating really feels about you, you must keep up with their Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram account to discover their true feelings.  Unfortunately, your name may not be attached to the posts, but posts related to your encounters can give you a clue that it is about you.  However, you must be careful. The posts could be about someone else that the person is dating.
What other revelations should I add to my list about dating? Which ones are you familiar with? Share your thoughts.

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