Guest Post: How I Deal With Stress So I Don't Have These Issues by Kristy M. Lopez

Monday, April 21, 2014

How I Deal With Stress So I Don't Have These Issues
By Kristy M Lopez 

Stress is a normal response to situations that make a person feel upset or threatened (such as being laid off). Having some stress can be healthy because it can help the individual remain focused and alert. However, high amounts and long-term stress is not healthy and can affect a person in so many ways - emotionally, cognitively, behaviorally, and physically. If stress isn't handled quickly it can lead to:

Emotional Issues

- Depression
- Inability to cope with the small things
- Becoming agitated easily
- Becoming easily upset and emotional

Cognitive Issues

- Concentration issues
- Anxiety
- Consistent worrying
- Poor judgement
- Negative thoughts

Behavior Issues

- Sleeping too little or too much
- Procrastination
- Isolation / becoming withdrawn
- Turning to alcohol or drugs
- Developing nervous habits

Physical Issues

- Stomach issues (i.e. constipation or diarrhea)
- Dizziness
- Loss of sex drive
- Frequent colds or strep throat
- Chest pain, heart problems
- High blood pressure
- Excessive weight gain or loss  

If a person has been in high-stress situations for long enough, they may not even notice how stressed they are after a while - it may just seem normal, which is horrible because each of the items listed above will continue to build and become worse over time. I was thrown into a high-stress situation through some things that have been going on in my life over the past few months, including being laid off. In relation to being laid off, I've felt the stress of looking for a new job, paying my bills, and continuing to get the things my kids need (i.e. clothes, shoes, etc.). But, I'm working through my stress the best way I can.

My coping mechanisms include:  

- Cleaning my house
- Cooking
- Going to the gym frequently
- Networking
- Blogging
- Listening to music
- Doing anything that helps me feel productive
- Eat a healthy diet  

These are my ways of relieving my stress on a daily basis. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress and making the best of their time. The important thing is that everyone needs to find that thing (or things) that relieve their stress. But, how do you figure out what will work for you? Simple trial and error. Trying different things until you find the one (or few) thing that will help you cope the best.

Some other things that I've tried that might work for you include:  

- Counseling
- Relaxation and meditation techniques
- Write in a journal
- Do something you enjoy everyday
- Talk to a friend
- Try yoga
- Drink tea
- Get a massage  

Just try things until you find out what feels right for you.

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Article Source:  How I Deal With Stress So I Don't Have These Issues

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