Monday, October 14, 2013

By Nyki m (Own work)  via Wikimedia Common 

Hearing a man refer to me as sexy is such an annoying thing.  When I hear that word, I immediately think that the man only wants to have sex with me.  I feel as if all that is all he understands about me  ismy apparent sexual appearance.  In his mind, we are already engaged in horizontal polka.  I hate hearing someone refer to me as sexy because I know that their interest is fueled by their desire for sexual engagement.  I just said that didn't I? See what I mean? It irks me so bad.  

Dealing with a man that is pleased with my so-called sexiness becomes exhausting.  I have tried to be covered from head to toe.  Somehow, I still ooze out sexiness.  For me being sexy is not a compliment.  I view it as a nuisance.  Sometimes, I feel that I have to constantly use a filter to recognize whether the man wants to engage me beyond sex or not.

Plus, I understand that once he conquers his sexual desire nothing else really matters.  Sure, he may keep me around for a while, but the interaction is superficial and lacks substance.  Without substance you have absolutely NOTHING.  

What does the word, SEXY, do to you? Do you like hearing it?

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