How to Date a Divorced Woman with Class

Saturday, October 12, 2013

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Being a divorced woman in the dating world is hard. However, a divorced woman with class feels like dating is excruciating pain. Dating reminds her of pulling teeth with wire pliers.  The experience can be definitely like none other.

Life experiences set the divorced woman a part from other single women.  She is not excited about the adventurous, spontaneous player.  She only deals with men, whose Player of the Year jersey has been retired AND destroyed.  IN THAT ORDER.

Somehow a divorced woman with class has a belief that being a divorced woman, who knows what she wants and likes, is a turn-on for men, becomes obsolete for her to date.  Her appearance, her career, and no drama attitude is not for the weak, insecure, and timid man.  A man dating a divorced woman with class must fully understand that he must appreciate her value.  If he doesn't fully grasp her value, he will get the BOOT.

For a divorced woman with class, her palette for men is unique.  Dealing with a man, who has no defined goals and who doesn't value his health, becomes an unbearable turnoff.  She values her health and understands the necessity of goals to transition through life.

Disqualification becomes easy for a divorced woman with class.  She uses disqualification to eliminate he dating clutter.  She asks herself questions like:

  1. Is he better than my ex?
  2. Does he have goals and is he working towards them?
  3. Can I take him functions and be proud to be seen with him?
  4. Is he adding anything to her life?
  5. Is he well-informed?
  6. Can he communicate effectively his needs, wants, and desires?
Divorced women with class know that they are successful and accomplished.  Many of them function well alone.  Yet, being able to have a companion, who gives her love and provides her with a sense of empowerment, feels like she has won the lottery. 

Stress from careers, financial obligations, and achieving goals make a divorced woman with class fully understand what she wants, when it comes to dating.  She is more in tuned with the intangibles. Connecting with a men, who provides emotional support is essential to her.  He must demonstrate that he is loyal, possess integrity, and remains faithful.  She wants a man, who adds peace to her life and who quiets the chaos of her day to day life.

Divorced women with class wants a committed relationship that is not necessarily fueled by money.  When a man distinguishes himself from the dating clutter by recognizing theses things, he definitely gains her  attention.  However, he must understand that getting her attention is 25% of the work.  Keeping her engaged is the hard part.

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