Guest Post: Women and Their Expanding Roles Today by Emily D Iannielli

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Women and Their Expanding Roles Today By Emily D Iannielli 

 Inspiration is a wonderful gift that we all should be blessed with. It can come in many ways and it is usually developed through the hard work and dedication of someone who truly cares. As a young girl learns and develops she will be challenged by the work of others whose mission it is, is to teach, guide and motivate her and expect her in turn to listen, question and perform up to her capabilities and beyond. Young school girls may not even realize it at that time but as they are encouraged and expected to do their best with words of praise and wisdom they will eventually learn how important it is to respect their teachers, mentors and parents. All young women must appreciate the time, dedication and devotion provided them in their formative years by those who made a positive impact in their life as they learn what it takes to be inspired and to believe in themselves so they can become empowered. This is essential advice that applies for everyone and for a young lady it is extremely important because as she grows into womanhood she must learn early on that she can study to be an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a CPA, an actuary, a business woman. There are all possibilities for young women as they mature and develop their personality and how they perceive themselves. It can not be stressed enough that this belief and trust must start early on so that the school girl of yesterday will be the young career woman of today. She must learn to respect her supervisors as she did with her teachers at school and take with her the experiences and knowledge she will need as she drives further on in her career striving for recognition and continual achievement in the workplace. We may remember as young girls some special teacher in grade school, high school or a learned professor we had in one of our college courses that touched us and who made us feel good about ourselves or who got us to finally understand a difficult math problem that seemed near impossible until they helped shed some light on how to solve it and had the patience and understanding to sit with us until we did. It is truly a magic moment when a young woman can break that barrier that holds them back and finally enables them to believe in themselves and as a young girl to never believe what younger generations of women were taught to believe which is a fallacy that should never limit her interest or appreciation of the math and sciences. Girls have every right to achieve and feel confident in technical and mathematical areas in addition to the sciences and health fields. They can also join the ranks of the business community believing they too can be executive material and compete with other women and even men. Young women can receive their college education or proper training without a second thought these days as it is virtually a necessity. They are equipped with the tools and knowledge to take on the challenges of a rewarding career and compete for a management position as they follow a plan that they stick to learning and gradually moving up the ranks so before they know it they are starting to gain recognition that separates them apart from the less serious candidates. Now many executives of major companies are well represented by women. It is a testament to a young woman's will and desire to achieve and it all starts as a young girl learning and studying and dedicating herself to her academic pursuits and to dream of all the possibilities open to her when she embarks on a college education. We also now live in a very competitive workplace due to a very weak economy and we as women must also now consider homing in on our entrepreneurial skill set so we can have a backup plan in case the corporate world slims its employee base because everyone including women must be on guard. I feel a woman is challenged in her life to bring out her very best so she can enrich her life and the lives of her loved ones. She will never achieve perfection in her life but if she can learn to do her best and have faith and hope and she can learn to balance career and family life with confidence and hope and find time to raise her children and teach them to be their best then she will grow but she must not be burdened to the point she becomes overwhelmed. When a woman has a newborn she must rearrange her life and take the necessary leave of absence and not worry about the job because now she has the most important job of her life of raising a child and she will need to summon all her strength and not give in to depression. This is when she needs the love and support of her husband to help pitch in. Young mothers realize that they want the absolute best for their children and will do anything and everything in their power to make their child always feel loved, protected and happy. We all need to feel loved, respected and to know that someone really cares enough for us that they will be there for us, listen to us, talk with us and inspire us to do the best we can. When we connect with someone who truly cares for us we will always find our way in life so we can achieve our success and teach it to our children someday. Life is about living, being our best and inspiring others to be their best. The major concern for women today is that they must wear many hats and have a great deal of daily stress which is not a healthy trend and can result in stress overload. More and more women are now vulnerable to potential heart disease and their mental well being is of concern because with all the juggling they must handle between work, family and all the associated responsibilities to her kids and their activities and the preparation of meals for her kids and her husband after working a full day is very demanding. Women also need their time to have an occasional outing with their girls friends. Life has gotten too chaotic and women are now caught up in the chaos and their health hangs in the balance. Women are truly special but they also need their time to relax too. Otherwise life becomes monotonous and the joy erodes and depression sets in. Women have to be strong and realize the burdens of life must be shared so they don't become overwhelmed. After all we only get one chance at life and we also need to find enjoyment and peace in our lives too. Women especially need time to find some joy and pleasure otherwise they will get caught up in the trappings of life and feel they have no true time to take care of their needs. Emily If I could relate a women's strength and determination it would be fairly east to do because women are very involved in so many pursuits whether it is their job, their family, their children and their spouse. Women must do it all nowadays and the sad reality is they are not given the credit or the necessary rest they deserve from time to time. Women bear a great deal of stress today and it is certainly affecting their health, their mental well being and their feelings of sadness and stress overload. Women also suffer with the pain of childbirth although the intense pain they admit that once their baby is placed in their arms they feel it was all worth it. Women are very brave and courageous and can tolerate pain because they have the hardest job of all but they desire to be a loving and supportive mom but realizes she has to juggle work, family and household needs. It is very true that a woman's work day never ends. It just goes on and on. That is why women need their own time and when they get to hang with their girlfriends they can then continue with the daily grind but every now and then they need their "me" time to judt get a rest from the chaos of life. Women truly are very special. I always knew my mom was very hard working and devoted to the family. Sadly she succumbed to depression which claimed her life 23 years ago at the age of 49. Dad was completely lost and heartbroken and I truly learned the sadness of life through my dad's eyes as he lost his best friend. God Bless my mom and all women who truly make a difference in our life. 

Article Source: Women and Their Expanding Roles Today

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