Guest Post: Influence of Divorce and Its Status By Marc Zuke

Friday, October 11, 2013

Influence of Divorce and Its Status
By Marc Zuke 

Family is a sacred institution. However, often its flow is disrupted by different complications. In the modern times, families are going through constant change because of several reasons. Surveys show that separation rates, inter-generational conflicts, domestic violence, and social problems are putting a hiatus in the relation of married couple.

In various continents and cultural hubs, divorce is seen as the result of numerous transitions. Therefore, we can no longer point at one single cause and mark it as guilty for these consequences. Aside from divorce, remarriage is also shaking its head and gaining a prominent place in our society. These issues are modifying the lives of children. Kids are also victims of this serious problem. Aside from being traumatized to see their parents go through such a condition, kids are being dragged off to different locations depending on the decisions of court and their parents. Often children are gaining new families through this process. However, most of the time they are left alone

What Divorce Really Means?

According to the legal definition, divorce means 'dissolution of a marriage'. This process must be supervised by the court of law to keep up its validity. A divorce has generally two types- total and partial. In total divorce, both parties present their reasons to the count and suggest the authority suitable options as result. The court reviews the options and they offer judgment. Through this process, both parties are completely settled, financially, politically, and socially.

However, on a partial divorce, both parties stay married; however, they can no longer stay with each other's company. 'Forbidding cohabitation' is the main agenda of this regulation.

According to the Ancient religion, marriage is a sacred and life long bond. It cannot be broken in any way. However, after marriage acts passed, even the ancient religions found a back door to break off the sacred union of souls. According to these acts, reasons such as- cruelty, bigamy, and adultery can call upon the regulations to pursue a divorce settlement.

In reality, divorce is such a process that can change multiple lives in a very negative way. Therefore, its influence threatens psychological, economic, social, and personal condition of multiple lives.

Survey Results

Numerous surveys conducted and supervised by experts dictate that divorce ratio in the west outweighs the ratio of Asia and eastern countries. However, some experts believe that the reason of this considerable difference is lack of research and surveys in Eastern regions of the world.

What Statistical Data Indicate?

According to recent statistical data researched and analyzed in Eastern countries, it shows that two percent of the population in few countries and states in Eastern region (which is a state in India) is divorced. According to the statistics, there is a continuous increase in the divorce ratio as well. Experts believe that most of the candidates applying for divorce are in between 25-39 years.

Current Status

So, if we look down to the past of ancient religions and continents that followed the conservative path in regards of marriage, we would find that with advancement of society, and official status, the ratio of divorce is increasing. Many would point their finger at western civilization for these results. However, without concrete data it is useless to join the blame game.

Article Source:  Influence of Divorce and Its Status

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