My Journey

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Do you ever wonder how you have arrived at this present moment?  What had to happen for you to be here?

Yesterday, I was thinking about my journey and how far I have traveled.  Just so interesting how things are not like I thought that they would be, but never the less I am pleased.

Being consciously aware of where I am in life, I tend to appreciate even the small things more.  I get elated to receive a "good morning" text, or to engage in a direct message conversation on Twitter.  Those things matter... why? They matter because of the realization that they are happening and adding to my existence.

My journey has included various kinds of people.  Some of them are still present right now in my life.  Unfortunately, some have not lasted long or lasted until it was their time to leave.

I found myself thinking about how other people have contributed to my journey.  Each contribution is definitely unique, yet the contribution was definitely needed.  For instance, if it had not been for my ex-husband's contribution to my life, I wouldn't have such amazing children and have been motivated to get my doctorate.

My journey has taught me that being negative has no point.  Everything can be looked at in a positive light.

What have you discovered about your life's journey?

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