August 5, 2013

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

For some reason, I'm still awake. Second night of not being able to sleep is not the business. I had a full day. I went to a meeting at work. After the meeting I slept all day. Then, I met the teachers for Jasmine and Jacob. I am hoping for an uneventful year. I also walked two miles. Lastly, I drove from Jackson to Water Valley to surprise my mom for her birthday. She was scared senseless as I opened the unlocked door. Lol. It was priceless. I love coming home even though there is nothing here for me other than my immediate family. There is something about just being in the presence of my mom, dad, nephews, and sister that just makes like better. I have no worries. Everything is ok. I hate to leave in a few hours. I will be going back to Jackson soon. My nephew asked me to take a long nap to allow him more time to play with the kids. :) I just might do that. :). Well, good night. 

This photo was taken in my parents yard. It's gorgeous. 

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