Sermon Notes 3/3/2013 *Communion Sunday*

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sermon Notes 3/3/2013
*Communion Sunday*

Get scared of living - one step closer to dying
I Corinthians 10: 16 <~ background scripture
Come to the Table - title of sermon

Food is associated with everything that we do.
Jesus has set the table and invited us to the table.

Several things that you need to being to the table:

1. Make sure that you sit down to kneel with our hands clean. - he asks us to come with clean hands. We should never come to table without washing or cleaning your hands. Reference to sanitizing - hand cleaning society. Don't deny the table just clean your hands. If you know Christ you must ask for repentance and forgiveness. None of us are worthy of being at the table. Be personal about yourself not others. Whatever is hindering me please remove it. You need to get a relationship where you ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness plays a major part in your relationship with Christ.

2. Before dining, you need a good appetite. If you snack at e wrong time, it could mess up your dinner. Get things out of your. That will interfere with you appetite. Be careful because you have been flirting with sin. Come to the table with a good appetite. God has a way to take hellish moments and move hem to heavenly appetite. Stuff ourselves with Junk-food of sin, we will lo our appetite.

3. Need time to enjoy the moment. Sometimes we don't enjoy our food. Always in a hurry. You don't come to the Lord's Table rushed. He took his time.

4. Come to the table on harmony.

5. Be grateful at the table.

6. Be loyal at the table.

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