10 Cheap Ways to Enjoy Your Life

Monday, December 31, 2012

For divorce women, funds are often limited or non-existent.  Yet, you do not have to let those things interfere with you enjoying your life.  I was able to enjoy a Dallas Cowboys game thanks to Groupon.  Everything was paid for when I arrived in Dallas. I saved a substantial amount of money.  Here are some really great ways to enjoy your life. Which ones do you already do? Which ones are you willing to give a try?

  1. Visit the Reservoir (or a similar water source).
  2. Visit Starbucks (or a local coffee shop).
  3. Take a free class at a community college.
  4. Walk around the mall and window shop.
  5. Purchase a Groupon and share the experience with a friend.
  6. Spend time with a friend you haven't connected with in a long time.
  7. Play your favorite board game online or in person.
  8. Read a book you have always to read.
  9. Have a picnic in the park.
  10. Take a scenic walk through the Natchez Trace or through a forest.
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Have a great day! 

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