Spirit of Discernment

Friday, July 13, 2012

1 Corinthians 12:10  To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues

I have been diligently praying for a spirit of discernment. Having a spirit of discernment allows a person to identify when something and/or someone is good or bad.  I have recently ended friendships, which I believed was true and lasting. Yet, unfortunately, I made an error about these friendships and learned the hard way. 

I find myself now enacting both my logic and my emotions, along with prayer to help me maneuver through  this complicated web, known as life.  Trying to remain loyal and genuine to people I consider true friends.

Sometimes this is hard. Why? This can be hard because of one thing: a single lie.  Lies can somehow creep in a friendship and destroy something so precious. 

A spirit of discernment and recognizing when someone is lying to you help to identify these instances of pure deceit. 

People, who know me personally, understand that I don't particularly care for talking on the phone. I can text and email you a dissertation before I actually talk on the phone.  I know that this partly due to being married and not wanting my ex to embarrass me because of some foolishness he would do and/or say while I was on the phone. I also developed this because I had children, and whenever I was on the phone, they needed to interrupt.  I didn't want people to know that I was multi-tasking. You can't hear that via the phone. 

Anyway, the phone is one mechanism that people can use to lie to you.  Lying via email, text, or phone is so easy.  You cannot analyze a person's face for any sign of deception. You will not be able to see the tell-tell signs of a nervous twitch, the fake smile, or the constant fidgeting.  All you have are words. You can't notice the gestures and negative energy often emitted when a person lies.

For instance, think about online dating. People use words and images to describe themselves. Often time, the images are not them or are a younger version of themselves. The words used to provide a wonderful image of this person fails to include words, which exposes often why they are single.  You are intrigued and interested by the words and images. Then, the time comes to meet them face to face. You can't put two and two together.  The image in front of you is not the same person that you were so excited about meeting.  His photograph shows a six-pack, but now you see a bulging belly.  Her photograph shows long silky hair, but she is rocking a mini-afro. Misleading is not even close to describe what you feel at this very moment.

Having a spirit of discernment could be thought of as a valuable asset. I mean it could potentially assist in avoiding unnecessary arguments, dealing with instances of mistrust and misuse, and keeping someone safe.  Often considered a spiritual give, a spirt of discernment is definitely valuable and a wonderful coping mechanism to deal with life.

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