5 Things I'll Never Apologize For...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I have some bold opinions about certain things in my life. Here are 5 Things I'll Never Apologize For...

  1. I don't care about being rich.  I don't want to focus my entire life on "being filthy rich." I'm blessed to have my desired career, my published book, my healthy children, my loving family, and my supportive friends. 
  2. I say what I think. I spent years trying to conceal my actual thoughts so that my friends/family/associates wouldn't be mad at me.  I have grown up. Experience has taught me that  there is no point in hiding what I think.  Everyone has a choice how they want to deal with someone. If what I say doesn't sit well with you, I can understand. However, if it determines whether or not we remain friends. That is a different story, and I wish you the best.  
  3. I am ambitious.  I have met people, who criticize me striving to achieve my goals.  I don't understand what's wrong with me trying to reach my full potential.  By being ambitious, my life never gets dull. The adrenaline rush I feel when I am accomplishing something is amazing.
  4. I don't mind my curves.  I like the way I look. I like the way my body is made. I have curves, well a bunch of curves. :)
  5. I like what I like. I like going to the reservoir, lying on the grass, and writing for hours. I will not give up what I enjoy to fit in with others.  I am content when I am doing things I like. This happy medium between being content and enjoying what I like is priceless. 
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Have a great day! 

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