Sunday, June 10, 2012

This week without my children was beyond interesting. One year ago, I was swimming in self-pity and sadness. This week I just enjoyed the moments, which occurred, and took things for face value.  The most important thing though is that I realized I am still learning and still growing.

Have you ever been so consumed with something that it consumes your thoughts, feelings, conversations, and etc...? I have recently been consumed with something.  I always twisted a conversation about "it." I even wrote in my journal about "it." I prayed about "it." I sat hours thinking about "it."  This week, well at the end of the week, specifically Friday, I realized that this "it" shouldn't be my focus right now.  I should just live my life and if the "it" falls in the circle of my life then so be it, but if not, I WILL NOT DWELL ON "IT."

Honestly, I did not come up with this profound knowledge. Of course, my mother, who is sick today, spoke this knowledge in my ear yesterday, as I once again complained about not having "it." Man, my mother's knowledge scratches at the surface of me so much. When she spoke those harsh but very necessary words, of course, I was upset. I was like, "HMPH." For those of you, who do not know me personally, this is my way of "pouting." Sadly, my mother was SOOOO RIGHT.

I thoroughly believe that everyone has an "it."  "It" could be wanting children, more money, a family, a house, a spouse, going to school, etc... When we think of how bad we want "it" and need "it," we forget the reality that so far we have been doing pretty great without "it."

Thinking about "it," I remember the Juvenile song, "In My Life" with the lyrics, "I need it in my life. I want it in my life." Check out the video if you can't remember the song.

What's the "it" in your life? What are you craving for right now? What consumes you and distracts you from appreciating the life that you do have right now?

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