I am afraid of...

Friday, June 15, 2012

I am afraid of opening up and exposing the vulnerabilities of my soul, especially the parts, which identify who I am. What would someone do with the information gained from knowing what makes me vulnerable? What would someone want to do with me, especially if they know how to take my deepest, darkest, and desperate secrets to stab me in my heart. Nobody wants to be vulnerable. Somehow though, vulnerability is necessary in order for people to truly connect with others on an intimate level. How will I know when it is to unlock the thousands of silvery locks, barricading the reamins of who I am? What happens when after I unlock just one silvery lock and my soul begins to expose and let others see the searing force behind the phenomena person I am? How can I deal with the ultimate fear of exposing my vulnerabilities and accepting whatever happens from this exposure? Will I cave in and unlock all the locks holding me inside and cease to allow resistance to control me or will I succumb to the quiet hold of fear? What are you afraid of in your life?

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