Thursday, May 03, 2012

This is a poem I wrote today. I am trying to get my "writing juices" back flowing again.  I am so "rusty" when it comes to writing lately. However, I know I need to start back writing like I once did.


Wanting to bathe in your presence
I crave your touch
The smell of your essence
Be sure you know how much I want
Just to kiss you this secret way
All I have to bring you today -
My unconditional love
sitting quietly within this hollow heart of mine
Impossible to believe
Within that bosom of my life
Lies the willingness to be everything
You need and want me to be
Round and round churns my feelings
Counting on that one single moment
To rest within the grasp of your arms
As our lips magnetically connect
I'm all yours
You are mine
My sorrow and loneliness must be shaven
By the breathe of life
You could give me
I feel your soul
Staring at me
Wanting me
Needing me
Believing in me
My blood runs faster and faster
Your eyes dig slowly at the inside of my heart
Filled within the fame of my soul
A realization that this lifetime
Everything is within my mind
Silently, silently, silently
I wait for the very moment
You see Me
Until then,
I remain

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