Overcoming Boredom

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I have mastered appreciating being alone, since I've joined the divorce club. I actually appreciate the difference between feeling lonely and aloneness. However, after enjoying the aloneness, you can get bored with it.

Lately, I have been craving someone to spend time with on a regular basis.  Shhh. Don't tell anyone about this please. :)  I'm not sure why I have been craving that lately, but, after a while, I realized that this craving could actually result in me settling down for "just any ole body." Ummm: NEGATIVE. Not happening!

Snapping back to reality, I decided to "find" things to do. I have started back going on dates with myself. Check my older posts about my date nights with me! I have so much fun with me! :)  My most recent date was to the Mississippi Museum of Art. I viewed the Walter O. Evans Collection and ongoing Mississippi Story Collection. I plan on taking the three J's to see the Curious George exhibit this summer.  I really need to join the Museum of Art, especially since it's one of my favorite places in Jackson.  The events held there and the Art Garden are amazing.

I also decided to perform some research. I found several links to various sites.  Some of them are hilarious. Some of them you can actually do.

What do you do to keep from feeling lonely? What do you do to overcome boredom? Share your thoughts!

Enjoy these sites:

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