"Ish" Happens

Monday, May 28, 2012

After creating a study schedule and packing my study gear, I hopped in my car. Except this time, my car did not start.  Not feeling the urge to panic, I scrolled through my contacts and called a friend, who happened to be a mechanic.  He didn't answer. I hung up. No need to leave a message.  I am not surprised that he didn't answer.  I mean I was calling on a holiday at 9 a.m.  Then, I called my parents. After talking with my dad, I knew I needed to find a solution. Next, I called Patty Peck Honda, which is the dealership I purchased my car.  I have a sticker saying free towing on my window.  So, their service department was closed. Of course... silly me. The nonchalant lady that answered phone told me to wait until tomorrow and call back. Really though. Oh ok. Bye.  I sat in my car about five more minutes.  Thinking...

After the sweat starting rolling down my face and my back, I gathered my study gear and walked back to my apartment. The children were surprised to see me back so soon. I explained that my car didn't work.  As if on cue, they said nothing. However, they quickly proceeded to do their chores in pure silence.  I noticed but didn't say anything (I will come back to that in a minute.).  I walked into my bedroom and plumped onto my bed. What do I do? I thought over and over. What do I do?

I decide to contact Wilson Hyundai.  Surprise! Their service department was open. The lady even gave me the number to Hyundai Roadside Assistance, even though there is a label with the number on the back window of my car. Thanks, lady. I am already sweating profusely.  After calling Hyundai Roadside Assistance, I discovered that I was covered for the towing. Thank you Jesus.

I informed the children that my car had to be towed. Ironically, I am still calm.  The children are eyeing me suspiciously, as they put on their shoes to help me clean out my car.  We all clean out my car in a matter of minutes.  I noticed that there was absolutely no arguing and nothing but amazing cooperation. At one point, when I returned to my apartment to drop off some of the "junk" stowing away inside my car, my oldest and I song "Don't worry" by Bob Marley and had a good laugh.

Within five minutes of getting the car cleaned, I received a call that the towing truck would be there in five minutes. Man, that was amazingly quick.  I say another, "Thank You Jesus." When he arrives, he actually tries to help me out by seeing if it could be boosted off. I knew it wasn't my battery because everything was working - the lights, the battery, and the radio. I like how he offered to do it anyway. Of course, it didn't work.  He thinks it may be the alternator.  I'm like I have been taking care of this car, so I'm hoping that it is nothing major.

As he drove off, I walked to my apartment. Then it hit me! Getting sick, being in the hospital, and realizing I could have died at any moment has been the lifeline necessary for me to remain calm and be strategic.  Before being sick, if this had happened, I would have been stressed out. I would have been crying my eyes out. I would have be irritable and snappy.  That brings me back to my children.   There reaction to immediately fall in line with what they were supposed to be doing, showed me that they didn't want to add any more drama to my situation. They wanted things around the house to be fine even if things wasn't fine with my car.

Ironically, this new attitude I have helps me to look at the bright side of things.  For instance, I am grateful it quit when I didn't have to be at work, dropping kids off at school, or yesterday, when we went to church in South Jackson.  I'm grateful that it died at my apartment complex and not out of state or on the highway, especially since I am planning several trips this summer.  I'm grateful that this has occurred while my car is still under warranty.

Being calm in a potentially stressful situation is perfectly fine and enhances your ability to strategically plan what to do next.  Now, I am going to nap and try to study again.  I like this new attitude. I don't trip because "ish" happens.

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