Thursday, May 03, 2012

Drowning in the deep bowels of my own temporary rivers of ecstasy, I open wide to grasp the promising blast of manly power.
Blending and synchronizing seasons of unforgettable pasts with minutes of a timeless present, the sounds of adrenaline screaming to my soul can be heard centuries away.
Believing that each thrust from above filled with an unforeseen fierce moan cements the unique and daring relationship between us, I welcome each whelp of passion with pure delight.
The rise and fall creeps in quietly exposing the raw and hateful spirit which was concealed by the blinding light of unfruitful desire.
Pants are no longer heard because their existence have been ground by the unforgivable snores made to signify a place of serene contentment. 
Thrown to the trash of secondhand wants, I can only relish in the background like a hidden qat and wait silently to be pursued again when the need for releasing the unknown children advances to the top.

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