My Health

Monday, February 20, 2012

I wanted to write about my fun-filled weekend, but today, I received some news about my health. At the age of thirty, I have hypertension. Why do I feel like crawling in a hole? I took my meds. I took my vitamins. I ate dinner. I worked out today. Yet, looming in the shadows behind me is an unwanted "ball and chain," called high blood pressure. Why does this feel like a death sentence? Being single and knowing that the news I received wouldn't phase anybody in particular and knowing that I wouldn't have the opportunity to bathe someone's shirt with the streaming of my tears added to my sorrows. I need a hug. I want a hug. I'm not getting one tonight. So now, I have something else to add to my overflowing plate. What bad news have you received about your health? Share your thoughts.

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