Genuine People

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I believe that I am a genuine person. Because of this belief, I tend to expect other people to be honest, as well. Sadly, I am learning that people often transform to my expectations of them, even if my expectations does not align with who they are.  Sometimes, this transformation occurs because of an individual's desire to get something from me. 
Being a genuine person should be a necessity. I gather that possessing a natural demeanor that is honest and sincere contributes to a person's interpersonal skills. Since I am comfortable with how I have evolved as a person,  being real and genuine to myself is how I can achieve self-actualization, the highest level of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. 
A person should be more genuine for several reasons. First,  life becomes enjoyable. Being comfortable with who I am as a person helps me to enjoy my life.  Experiencing happiness can occur when I am a genuine person. My happiness has evolved since I am comfortable with who I am. Being true to myself improves my interaction with others.
How do you describe a genuine person? How do you determine if a person is real with you?  

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