Dirty Thirty

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I turned "Dirty Thirty" on Sunday, and needless to say, I am feeling GREAT. I spent my birthday weekend with my parents. My youngest sister and I had a ball on Saturday. I slept and studied and ate and slept some more on Sunday. I look so refreshed. My dad gave me a book and washed my car, which probably hasn't been washed since December 2011 (don't judge me). My youngest sister gave me vintage clip-on ears. They are fabulous! However, I am upset because she makes jewelry. Check out her website. Her jewelry site is called Mari Mystical Creations. Her website link is http://marimysticalcreations.ecrater.com I didn't get anything custom made. Yes, I am being selfish (don't judge me). My mom gave me money and a bracelet that says, "Nothing's Too Hard for God." Of course, I LOVE LOVE it!! My friend, Dalila, bought me a Groupon! I heart her!! I had numerous calls, texts, tweets, and FaceBook messages, which warmed my heart and made me feel special.

Now, I am curious about how I should be acting that I am "Dirty Thirty." Should I possess this air of sophistication over these 20-somethings walking around me? Should I dress like I am 30, or like I am still 20 something? Right now, my consensus is that I should just continue doing me. However, I could be wrong. What do you think?

Perhaps, this new feeling of "being grown" is rubbing off on me.  I had a wonderful Valentine's Day... Want to know why? I had a wonderful day because I was happy and content and was blessed with peace of mind. This was my first Valentine's Day since my divorce. I am single (prince charming hasn't arrived just yet). What I found amazing though was my contentment. I wasn't concerned with getting candy, balloons, and roses, etc... I was happy with seeing my children happy, having great jobs, and being in school. It was as if the need for some form of validation of love was not necessary. How ironic though. I remember being so upset when my ex husband didn't get me anything or wanted until later to get me stuff.   I guess I grew up. Who would have thought?  

I did get phone calls, texts, tweets, and FaceBook messages saying "Happy Valentine's Day!" I think it is so sweet and considerate of someone to do those small gestures of thoughtfulness. Those kinds of gestures make my heart melt into little mushy pieces. What did you do for Valentine's day? Have you found prince charming? Share your thoughts.

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