Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I spent some time reflecting today. I thought about where I was a year ago. Somehow, even though I feel like things just won't go right, I am way better off than before. My divorce is officially final. My ex explained that briefly over the phone. So now I am left with the question: now what? What's next for me? 

The month of October defined the word "trouble." Every single day a mishap occurred. Sometimes, I with stood the trial and pressed through with pure self-motivation. Other days, I felt like I would just crumble inside. 

I keep pushing myself and pushing myself and pushing myself.  Seven days into the month of November, I am already praying that a repeat of last month doesn't occur.  Yet, it's already off to a very rocky start. 

I'm recognizing that my motivation wheels are looking like bare-thread tires. What do you do to keep the motivation wheels turning? 

Do your remember the song "Motivation" by T.I.?   Today, this song crossed my mind. What do you think about this song?

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