Life After Divorce

Monday, November 14, 2011

So, I am officially a member of the Divorced Club. Having transitioned through the ups and downs associated with going through the divorce, I am confident about the Part 2 of my life. Within two months, I will be 30 years old. Under my belt, I have two degrees, three children, an ex-husband, a wonderful job, and a ton of unforgettable experiences.

Even though I feel stress being divorced, my stress is different than when I was married. The stress I felt when I was married was often interfering with my functional level, made me sad, made me question my self-worth and interfered with my daily functioning. The stress I feel now is more related to school than anything.

Understanding my roles in my life and my children lives has been thoroughly liberating.  I am responsible for my household and the well-being of my children. Even though this role was important in my marriage, this role is the foundation of all of our existence. I beam with more pride when my children are academically successful in school. I am proud of my apartment just like  I was proud of my home.

My self-esteem has definitely increased more now than when I was married. During my marriage, I found myself trying to prove to my ex-husband that I was worthy enough to be his one and only woman. Regardless of the accomplishments I was achieving, I didn't feel that I was worthy enough because of his cheating.  Now I know that I am a wonderful woman. My self-worth is definitely more apparent to me. I like how I look. I like how I dress. I like me for me. I am proud of myself. I am wonderful.

How is your life after divorce? What has your experience been like? How do you feel about yourself now in comparison to who you were before your divorce?

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