"God's Got A Blessing with My Name on It"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Since the death of my Impala, my finances have been rocky. Yes, I am admitting this. I like being transparent (or so I have been told). Today though, my faith in God has grown tremendously.  I went to the neurologist today. I have been suffering from migraines. One of his solutions included transforming my environment and eliminating stress. I wish I had a $1 for each time I have heard that in my lifetime or within the last two months. Unfortunately, the reality is I cannot eliminate anything in my life right now. I will be able to eliminate things when I get help or don't have to work as hard. Until then, I have to do what I have to do.

I was late picking up my children from daycare today. So, I ran to Save-A-Lot to pick up one of the deli pizzas. I hate dropping my children off at the babysitter and not having something for them to eat, while they are there. Don't get me wrong. They do not go hungry at the babysitter, but I just don't want to seem like I am freeloading or anything.

Well, I picked up the pizza and took my place in the checkout line. Irritated that the cashier was not moving fast enough, I changed lines. Then, the lady before me recognized that she would save more money if she did the "Pick 5." She had to go and get something else. Meanwhile, I am in line trying my hardest not to think evil thoughts and just be patient.

Finally, the lady returned and then it was time for her to pay. She paid with a $100 bill, which in turn had to be "broken." The cashier didn't have enough change, and she asked for assistance from the other cashier, which took more time. However, I did not get an attitude or get frustrated, like I normally do. Well when the lady received her change, she turned to me and said "I follow the Spirit." She placed in my hand a $20 bill. I cried.

I really needed the money for gas, since on Wednesdays I travel to Yazoo City. I mean she probably needed that money. She looked like a single mom and had school-aged children. The funny part is when I entered the store, I was praying about my finances. Since going through this divorce, I am learning more and more about having faith and "putting things in God's hands." The lady was obedient to the Holy Spirit. How many times have we not been obedient to God's silent whisper?

I shared my story (testimony) with my friends. How many times do we talk to our friends about bad stuff? Sometimes complaining about the negative in our lives is all we want to talk about and discuss. I was overjoyed to share GOOD news! :)

This song is my children's favorite gospel song. I often hear them singing it around my house.

I was patient and put my "attitude in check." What if I had been rude? Would I have been blessed, or would I have missed out on my blessing? I am glad this happened with my children present. Ironically, my little girl had said about 5 minutes before going into the store that she wanted to go to church because it had been so long. Funny, I go to church when they are with their father, but some how miss church when they are with me. That trend is quickly coming to an end.

What miraculous thing has occurred in your life? How have you been a blessing to someone? What  do you think of my testimony today? Leave a comment. Share your thought.

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