Writing Marathon

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Since being in school, I haven't had the time to do some of my favorite things, like reading and writing. Today, I did a writing marathon with my students. I think I might have enjoyed it more than they did. The following poem was something I wrote during one of the rounds of our writing marathon. I am so rusty on writing, but I think I did okay. I know that I am going to make more time now to write. SN: I wrote in a journal that I started writing in when I filed for divorce. My ex finally signed on 10/07/11. I filed for divorce in October of last year. I think it was about the same time. I need to write about that too, but anyway... Here is the poem. I call this poem, "Alphabet Feelings." Can you figure out why I call it this?

I crave your delicate kiss.
I desire your gentle caress.
I enjoy your intellectual stimulation.
I feign your voice in my ears.
I grin at the very thought of me belonging to only you.
I hang my emotions out to dry.
You are all I care about.

I ignite from the passionate touch of your hands.
I jump with joy when your brown eyes meet mine.
I kill all negative thoughts and energies, when I am around you.
I love the way you hold me in understood silence.
I moan in silence and count the hours when we are away from each other.
You make me the woman I am.

I nod in response to anything you ask of me.
I occupy all my time with the etchings of thoughts of you.
I pump up knowing that when my womanhood becomes yours I will have arrived.
I run towards the promise of being yours yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
I swim in the memories that we have created thus far.
You can have whatever you want.

I trample the thoughts of you ever being unfaithful to me.
I unveil who I am truly am and you accept me.
I veer towards making you happy, and I love how you are happy with me.
I wonder what more I can give you and what more you need from me.
You are mine forever.

I yearn to feel your manhood whisper to me.
I zoom through my day just to be in your presence.
I abide in pure happiness because of you.
I boast of the man in my life.
You have arrived and arrived just for me.

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