A Silent Ailment

Friday, October 28, 2011

Last night, my body was aching. I was in so much pain. I had a migraine. I was tingling all over, and I even had a fever. Feeling like crap, I got in my bed and collasped.  Today, I didn't feel as bad.  However, I decided to meditate. I am reading a book, which teaches you how to relax and reduce stress. I meditated for ten minutes. Honestly, those ten minutes were the longest ten minutes of my life. I had to refocus so much.  Ironically, once I finished, I was able to get myself dressed, kids dressed, kids fed, and kids dropped off at their three destinations with no problem. Everyone was on time. I was even able to run to Kroger, get a pencil sharpener for my oldest, and drop it off at his school. The hour drive to my job was uneventful and calming. Lil Wayne kept me mentally stimulated. Yes, I like Lil Wayne. The metaphors, similies, personifications, and etc... is an English teacher's gold mine. After parking my car and walking to my building, my body started to tingle, my chest started hurting, and my head started banging. Right now, I feel like crap. So, I know why I am sick. The culprit is stress. I don't understand why it happened at work. I love my job. I love coming to work. I love what I do.  Basically, I need to reduce stress. Unfortunately, I am at a complete loss. How do I do it? I mean I can't eliminate any activities. I am not dropping out of school. I love school and the work.  I love being a mother. My time is limited, so I really don't have an outlet of reading or writing for fun.  What do you do to control your level of stress? I was working out during my lunch break, but since I make a point to go to bed at night, I often find myself studying during my lunch break.  I am interested in your suggestions.  

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