More Holidays and Longer Vacations

Monday, August 22, 2011

I wonder how America would be if there were more holidays and longer vacations for everyone. I believe that people work too much now.  Most people have more than one job. Perhaps, if more holidays were available, and more extended vacations were mandatory, I could get more personal stuff done.

There are so many consequences of extended vacations and an increase in observed holidays. More holidays and longer vacations could result in people getting behind in their work and at school obligations.   Honestly, I would probably bring more work home than I do now.  Another consequence would probably involve me being at the office on the weekends and during a vacation to get everything completed.

After thinking about whether or not Americans need more holidays and longer vacations, I do not believe extended vacations or more observed holidays would improve lives of people. Thinking about the holidays that are observed now,  I feel that each month contains at least one state or national holiday.  

What do you think? Should Americans have more holidays and longer vacation time?

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