Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When I think of fireworks, I think of the Fourth of July. Yet, right now the Fourth of July is far from my mind. Somehow I am thinking about fireworks as it relates to a significant other. I don't know why I am even thinking of this, but I am. Oh well.

Have you ever heard a couple that have been together for ages refer to the "fireworks" they felt when they first met each other? I wonder if I will ever experience that feeling. Do you think that it is possible to feel that? I wonder if I felt that would I run away from that person instead of running towards them.

Sometimes I wonder about the next relationship I am going to be involved in and cannot seem to "paint a picture." I always preach to my students to "paint a picture" for me when they write. Yet the canvas in my mind, regarding a significant other, remains solemnly blank.

I was listening to Musiq cd, with the song "Teachme" today. I really like this cd. There is a track on this cd, which describes how "we" look for "the one" at various of locations, but we can never seem to find them.

I am not currently in a setting to "find the one."  I go to work, I pick up children, I go to class, and I go home.  That's my routine. There is not much room or time to do much else.

Nowadays you have the dating online thing. Quite frankly, I am too cheap to pay hundreds of dollars to go on "failed" dates, especially when I can go  on awful and horrible dates for free. Plus, the internet persona a person portrays often does not match up with who they are in person.

Rumor has it that if you go looking for someone, you will not find them.  Do you think that this is  true? Do you have to make yourself available for the opportunity to feel the fireworks, or do they magically appear when you lock eyes with the most phenomenal person you have ever seen?

What do you think?

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